Welcome to the world of Cywion Bach!

Give a warm welcome to Cywion Bach, Cyw’s newest characters for our youngest viewers! Your little chicks will love the colourful animations, new words and happy faces. Look out for the series at the end of August on Cyw.

Bîp Bîp, Pi Po, Bop and Bw are best friends and love to learn new words. So if your little one is learning Welsh, come on a word adventure with the Cywion Bach as they learn new words together.

In each programme, the Cywion Bach will present a brand new word in the form of animations, songs and rhymes, simple games and short items filmed with small children. Each programme will offer an opportunity to learn, recognise the meaning of the word and associate it with the object and an opportunity to learn how to say – and sign – the word.

New episodes Mondays and Fridays on Cyw Tiwb or Cyw’s Youtube Channel