Send a birthday greeting

If your child is celebrating their birthday, please send in your greeting at least FOUR weeks before their birthday.

Send your greeting below via the Cyw website, or by emailing a photo, date of birth and greeting to

Parent/Guardian consent is required for us to include the greeting on Cyw.

It’s always best to submit the clearest photo possible. Bear in mind that the photo will be increased in size to be shown on television, so smaller files can lose quality and end up difficult or impossible to use.

We’ve put the quick tips below together to help you choose the best photo and avoid disappointment. If the photo isn’t of good enough quality, the production team will get in touch to ask for another picture.

  • Make sure the child’s whole head is in the picture.
  • Make sure the photo is in focus.
  • Try and avoid red eyes at any time.
  • Photos for Pen-blwydd Pwy? work best if the child is facing the camera full face, not looking or turning the head to one side.
  • Remember to send us your greetings at least FOUR weeks before the date of the birthday, and your photo could appear on television.

These terms and conditions confirm the use we will make of the image (“The Material”).

1. You hereby grant to Boom Cymru and persons authorised by Boom Cymru a non-exclusive licence in perpetuity to record, copy, edit, reproduce,

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2. You warrant and represent that you are entitled to grant to us the rights referred to in point 1 and that the exercise of such rights shall not (a) infringe the copyright or any other personal or property rights of any person or be in breach of any statute or regulation, (b) entitle any person to claim any payment from Boom Cymru or from any of our licensees or (c) any persons appearing in the Material have given their consents to enable Boom Cymru to exploit the material in all manner and in all media throughout the world for the full period of copyright.

3. You agree to indemnify us against all and any costs, claims, expenses

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4. You agree that the information supplied on this form will be shared

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5. Boom Cymru will process your information in accordance with the company’s privacy policy

6. We particularly encourage applications from those who are under-represented, including young disabled children and children from ethnically diverse backgrounds.