Cywion Bach - First Welsh Words

Cywion Bach first words app 

Welcome to the Cywion Bach first words app where there are lots of bubbles to pop, teddies to squeeze, apples to eat, animals to hear and vehicles to drive!

This safe, robust co-play experience is designed to introduce a range of foundation Welsh words to preschool children 0-3 and their parents and guardians as they learn Welsh alongside their children. The app plays as an interactive toy experience – introducing 24 words, their letters and context in a colourful and engaging way.

Antur Cyw

Welcome to the Antur Cyw App, a place for kids to learn, play and have fun.

*Now with Cornish and Breton language options!*


Cyw Tiwb App

Watch programmes from Cyw, S4C’s service for young children, in a safe and friendly environment.The app has been designed with young children in mind, so you can rest assured that it will be easily navigable for small hands, and that they will find great content appropriate for children aged 0-6.

The app is free to use, ad-free, and does not require log in.

Please be aware that the app streams video over WiFi or mobile data, so may affect your data plan.

Byd Cyw App

The Byd Cyw App is an opportunity to lead your your child through a world of fun and colour to play and discover together.

The app includes games, music and characters to keep your child company and take them on an adventure. You can also listen to bedtime stories within the app.